Software License Terms

Everyone has to agree to certain terms while purchasing a piece of software. This is known as end-user license agreement (EULA) or simply, software license agreement which is the contract between the purchaser and the company selling the product. This license consists of various terms which tell the purchaser how this product can be distributed or copied. There are four kinds of licenses which are in use at present; they have been listed below.

Single License

This type of license is for regular people who want to use the software only on their local machine either for personal uses or commercial uses. Only one machine can use this license, other machines will be denied the full pack of features of that software when that license key is used on different machines.

Business License

This license is best for people who want to use the application on multiple PCs. This type of license can allow access to the full version of the application for a maximum of 10 PCs. Thus, it is absolutely perfect for small businesses.

Site License

This kind of license is much better for an organisation such as an institute, college, school etc. With this site license, one can have full access for Unlimited PCs within a particular physical location.

Corporate License

This license grants access for unlimited PCs in a single organization, irrespective of its location. Hence, large organizations having multiple branches in various locations should use this.

License key is an important aspect of online software, since it differentiates between the trail and full version. After using the trial version, if one is satisfies he can purchase the license key for the full version and that too online. Thus, he can enjoy the full version without any need to go to any specific location, thanks to online software delivery and license key.