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Importance of Stamping or PDF Watermarking

The pdf watermarking is the most important applications to protect your PDF documents this application highly helps to watermark to your PDF documents, with the support of this application you can able to watermark your PDF files with the image, text, date, time, logo, and page number. It is the most affordable application for the people who are frequently working with the pdf documents. This is the most suitable tools for the legal, as well as the franchise professionals, moreover, it is the most essential tools in business fields, and the lawyers, advocates, are choosing these applications to protect the important data.

Merits of PDF Watermarking

Using the pdf stamping tool is the most effective solution for the people who need to have the safety transmission. Apart from that it is the simplest software to do various complicated tasks, if for this process this software used to protect your watermarked PDF file with password protection; moreover this tool is also save your watermarked documents in your required location.

Features of PDF Watermark Creator:
  • Simple to use: The watermarking tool is simpler to use, and this tool has the user-friendly interface, so it's much simple to use so you can able to watermark your required pdf files.
  • Multi Process: The watermarking tool is also supported images and text to watermark; by the way, you have chances to watermark the complete documents. In addition, this application used to watermark the password protected PDF documents. It is the complete software to support the batch processing.
  • Security Watermarking: The watermarking application is the most securable options to transfer the files and this tool is supports to change the color, text, and the font size of the file, in this process, you can able to define the image as well as text at the stamping location rather than this tool used to make some changes in the watermarking angle.
  • Convenient tool: By using this tool, you can able to change the watermarking image size as well as the height and width; moreover, you can have more options to introduce some effects in the documents. This tool also supported for varying types of image formats, such as PNG, GIF, JPEG, JPG and BMP. With this process, you also have chances to add the web link; this will helps to promote your pages. During the process, it eliminates the need of Adobe Acrobat software. With the advanced interface the watermarking software is highly used to change the PDF Meta Properties such as author, title, keyword, and subject. This will support for all configurations, with this you also able to add the password of your PDF documents.

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