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PDF in general refers to the file format and a file extension that is mainly used for capturing and sending electronic documents in an exact intended format. The PDF file format is a high quality format among all other file formats. PDF stands for Portable Document Format that represents the documents that are independent of the application software and the operating system. These PDF files have the ability to get created, displayed, or printed on input and output devices without any help of software and hardware. PDF provides each and every user to get provided with features of true mobility and this PDF file is considered to be the most widely used formats in both business and residential strategies. Even the business deals and documentations, forms and other related content were created as PDF files to share the information at an efficient pace.

Specifications of Combo PDF Tools

Combo PDF Tools is a feature-riched application to do several tasks on a single click. Since PDF files could be accessed at no cost, the popularity and the essential features of PDF has made people to make use of PDF files in a very broad manner. In some cases, users may be in need of several strategies to merge, split and to extract pages from the PDF files. For this purpose, people are provided with the Combo PDF Tools. This tool has got several advanced features and options for,

  • Editing the PDF files and documents.
  • Split PDF documents into single and multiple pages as well as into a set of pages as per the requirement and desire.
  • Merge PDF documents and pages.
  • Remove worthless or unwanted pages from document.
  • Extract or retrieve valuable pages from document.

Some of the domain features and specifications of this software will include splitting, merging, comparing, deleting, removing, extracting, appending, managing, arranging and editing the PDF documents that are both larger and smaller in size. This tool will help users in extracting PDF pages and thereby helps to even remove or delete PDF pages. With the help of this utility software, users could make two pages of PDF files into a single page as a booklet. This software has also gotten integrated with several amazing options such as resizing PDF page dimensions and orientations, changing PDF Meta properties, encrypting PDF files with password protection and restriction towards the documentation options such as printing, editing, etc.

Features of Combo PDF Tools:

Some of the exclusive features of this Combo PDF Tools will include,

  • Resize PDF page orientation, layout or size as per demand.
  • Secure important document with password protection and restrictions.
  • PDF watermarking to protect your ownership of document.
  • PDF bookmarking for proper page indexing.
  • Support batch mode processing.
  • Providing support for all kinds of protected and unprotected PDF documents.

This particular multi utility software has got designed to provide support and compatibility for all kinds of windows platforms with all 32-bit and 64-bit OS versions without any kind of conflicts. This tool could also be used to merge and split all kinds of PDF files and documents with a single click. Thus, with all these featured functionalities, the Combo PDF Tools provides the best essential strategies and features along with the utilities that could help the users to complete the specified task or desired work related aspect of editing and creating the PDF files as expected on several demands and necessities.

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