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PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It is a special form of file format that includes text, fonts, graphics and images created by Adobe Systems. Typically used for saving documents that is comprised of more than a simple text element. They are lot of benefits through pdf in file reading such as free mobility and portable in nature where we can read files anywhere and whenever using Acrobat Reader and the gadget should have the required software to access the pdf files. It stores all forms of visual elements such as text, graphics and images.PDF have high security and easy for data transmission and sharing through email. It supports interactive functions and allows file compression and coming to the features of pdf, it can be used more number of platforms and in many operating systems available. Text can be easily searched in pdf formats and various font styles can be used and having extensibility factor. Based on these various benefits and features PDF became so popular in file viewing format. Below we define some basic features of PDF Splitter and Merger software.

Split PDF files into one page or a set of pages

The functionality available for PDF files is not restricted to reading them or signing them only. A key possibility with the use of PDF files is splitting your PDF files into one or multiple pages. This means that if you wish to extract a certain page out of the whole PDF file and have that page alone as a PDF file, you can do so easily. Even if you wish to split the PDF file into multiple pages, it is a very easy possibility. This is best done by using a PDF splitter. It is software which is especially used for splitting PDF files.

Merge PDF files into one file

Not only can you split PDF files into multiple files, you can actually take a bunch of PDF files and gather them all onto one single PDF file. This can be a random compilation of files into one file or it can be structured as well. For doing this, you would need a PDF merger, which is a programme designed to merge different PDF files into one PDF file.

Extract PDF pages

Using the PDF splitter and merger, you can easily extract any PDF page out of the whole file and use it as a separate PDF file with full functionality.

Remove or delete PDF pages

Sometimes you just want to remove a certain page from the PDF file to give your document more structure and feasibility. With a PDF splitter and merger, you can easily remove any unwanted page out of your PDF files to make them more productive.

Works in batch mode

Using batch mode means selecting a number of files and then applying certain settings on every file. Using PDF splitter and merger, you can select a batch of files to merge them into one file. Or you can select a batch of pages and split them all into separate PDF files.

Supports password protected and non password protected files

PDF files are usually password protected to protect sensitive data. If you have password protected files, you can still use the PDF merger and splitter to merge or split them. And the PDF merger and splitter support both windows 32 bit and 64 bit platforms. So you will not ever have to worry about the programme not working on your system.

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