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PDF files are the mostly used Portable documents in the modern IT world. The documents available in the PDF version are having the most perfect encryption, by which the documents can be kept safe. There are some very good sides of a PDF file and they are:

  • The documents remains unaltered and the format too.
  • The images and the bookmarks remains arranged properly and thus it is easy for reading.
  • The important or confidential documents can easily be appended with encryption. Thus the loss of data and deformation of data can easily be protected.
  • A perfect PDF password remover let the users to remove the password which protects the PDF document.
Removing Password from PDF Document

A PDF document can however be restricted for access by putting a password. The access tool can also be made limited for reading. That means, when one goes to copy content or print some content, then the password restricts the user. Under such condition, a password remover is essential. Thus the file becomes accessible for printing, or one can easily copy some content from the PDF body. The best thing that a PDF password remover does is removing the password from that file forever. Thus the second time, one opens the file on the same PC, he or she will not need to enter the password again.

If the PDF document is confined with user password then the application will prompt for entering the password to unlock the document. On the other hand, if it is confined with owner password then you do not need to enter it. Software will automatically find it and removes owner password with all restrictions. Now, you can do anything with your PDF like print, edit, modify, comment or copy content from document. It’s a best tool to eliminate password as well as all restrictions from bank statement, credit card statement, policy papers or any other restricted document.

Features of PDF Password Remover:
  • The user interface requires no extra knowledge of IT from the end of user.
  • Decrypts the PDF file within seconds, and thus is the fastest tool.
  • Removes password from any PDF, disregarding the type of encryption.
  • Removes all restriction and provides user the access to print a PDF, copy content from PDF, allow commenting, form filling and editing a PDF, thus is a complete solution for the users to access PDF without any kind of security restrictions.
  • Batch activity is fully supported, so one can decrypt several files at the same time.
  • It can decrypt wide varieties of PDF either encrypted with 40bit or 128bit encryption level.
  • The entire operation is done by single click, so easiest to operate.
  • The PDF owner password is not at all needed in any of the cases.
  • Adding Prefix as well as suffix support with file name is also provided.
  • Adobe Acrobat knowledge or any other IT skill is not required at all.
  • Works with all windows version, from XP to windows 8.
  • Both 32bit and 64bit OS is supported.

So, there is nothing to worry, when one finds that a PDF is having restriction for access. They can easily get the software from the net. However the full version is free from all limitations and thus easy to use. Drag and drop your PDF files onto the PDF Password remover window and the software will immediately start using it. The restricted PDF format cannot be converted at all.

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