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Protect PDF with password protection; restrict documents printing, alteration of content, etc with PDF Encryption software. Confine PDF will empower to apply user or open password to PDF files to limit unapproved users to open and access PDF files. PDF password protection utility encrypts password and limitations on the different quantities of PDF files utilizing bunch protection process. Software confine, protect or lock number of PDF files by inserting password on PDF documents. This best encryption solution for Adobe PDF files use development encrypting calculations like 128 bits and 40 bits AES for encryption on the documents and make various PDF file unequivocally protected. This software runs quite well and easily on all recent Windows Operating systems.

In many cases, it has been seen that when people use your computer for any reason, they tend to intentionally or unintentionally wonder around browsing through your files. You may have some vital files and folders related with your work, for instance, an important PDF file related to your corporate meeting the next day. In such cases, it is always best to lock the PDF file with the use of the PDF Encryption Software.

One of the most widely recognized courses by which you can secure your data is by utilizing password protection offers that are available in very nearly all PDF suppliers that you can find in the business sector. This type of protection just offers access to the information contained in the files to the holder and a person with the password. In spite of the fact that password protection is still used generally, for the most part by individual users, enormous associations put resources into much more secure advances that dispose of the use of passwords to protect PDF file sets and folders.

An alternate method for controlling access to your files is by utilizing security software that uses Digital Rights Management innovation to control what approved users can do with them. This can control all parts of your PDF files from survey, altering, replicating, sending and sharing, screen shooting, printing, etc.

PDF Encrypt Software is an application that can add PDF password encryption and in addition different kinds of document confinements like printing, structure filling, modifying contents, altering, content replicating, remarking, annotations, collect, page extraction and content duplicate for availability and so forth.

Features of PDF Encryption Software:

  • Add password & security on the PDF documents.
  • Encrypt PDF files with Owner or User passwords.
  • Its unique GUI support new users.
  • PDF password encryption apparatus supports each of the 64bits and 32bits Windows OS.
  • Encrypt user and holder password on PDF files utilizing RC4 & AES encryptions.
  • Run on all most recent Windows Operating systems.
  • An extremely user friendly interface for easy usage.

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