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PDF is a Portable Document Format which is superbly accepted software which actually is used to add more feature to the requirement. The PDF Encrypt and also the Decrypt software have added features to add and remove the PDF protection for the password. You have the option to make a choice to select the multiple documents for the password and its removal. The removal and the addition of the password in the batch mode can be imposed in not only in one file but also in various files as well. The software supports both configuration of 40 bit and also 128 bit level of encryption either encrypted using RC4 algorithms or AES.

Detailed discussion of the encryptions and also the decryptions

The file format is created by Adobe System in the year 1993 that is used to represent documents in a manner independent of the software that is applied. If the PDF document is much protected with that of the open password, then it is known as the user password. The software will actually prompt you to enter the password for unlocking PDF files and documents. If the PDF is protected with owner password then the program will automatically find its issues and will remove the password with every possible restriction. Thus now it is the step where you need to use it. The options that the tool provides encrypt or rather decrypt pages available with the PDF documents. The application supports Windows XP, 2000, 2003, ME, Vista, Windows 7, 8 platforms. The editing or the modification can be easily done with the editing and also the help of the editor. It’s a best tool to eliminate password as well as all restrictions from bank statement, credit card statement, policy papers or any other restricted document.

The Adobe co founder outlined the system evolving the format of PDF. The PDF may at times become encrypted for the security or digitally signed link for the proper authentication. The standard security is always provided to the users in different modes.

Features of PDF Encrypter and Decrypter Software:
  • Attractive user interface and also the simplicity to use.
  • Supports the encryption and the decryption of the PDF.
  • Supports the password that is protected before the removal of the password.
  • Removing and the adding of the PDF password as well as the page restrictions.
  • Restricting and even permitting every type of pages that is used in documentation and printing of the forms, copying of the content.
  • Supports both 40bit and also 128bit encryption level.
  • The file works with at least Windows OS like Vista, XP, 7 and 8.
  • Does not need Adobe Acrobat or the special technical expertise to operate the application.

When one selects a level of PDF encryption, it means that he or she is setting a level of security to the documents that are truly confidential. Thus the user sets a password which is removable. The PDF Encrypter and Decrypter is a system specification which helps in changing as well as resetting the password once again. This is done to protect the confidential files from the attack of the hackers but at times they fail too.

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