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The GIF to PDF converter is an immediate, long-lasting and a simple, easy to use tool that has been designed to convert the batch GIF files into PDF documents. This simple software will allow the users to make use of several options and features that could help them to convert the GIF images into a PDF document. Hereby, the users will have to add the appropriate GIF images to the list. After adding the appropriate images, the users will be requested to click the convert button. Once the covert button is clicked, the software will directly and automatically start converting the GIF files into PDF documents in a very quick manner. This software will also provide a facility to convert the GIF files into single common or individual PDF documents in a single click.

This GIF to PDF converter software as a standalone application program helps the users to convert any kind of GIF format file extension to PDF document file without any help of third party software, plug-ins and application interfaces. With several exclusive options, the GIF to PDF converter software will also provide facilities and featuring options to set PDF page size, PDF page margin, image size and much more. With all these integrated features, this software also gains the ability to join, combine, add, concatenate, merge, insert and turn multiple GIF images into a single PDF file. This software is considered to be the optimized application that converts multiple GIF images into qualified PDF documents.

Features of GIF to PDF Converter Software:
  • Easy to use and operate with GUI.
  • Supports multiple GIF files for converting GIF files into PDF.
  • Converts batch GIF to PDF files on single click.
  • Transform numerous GIF files.
  • Provide options to add extensions with resultant file name.
  • Compatible with all Windows platforms.

This GIF to PDF converter software offers features and functionalities such that the entire application is designed to convert or transform multiple numbers of images, photos, pictures, snapshots and screenshots into a single common or individual PDF documents. This particular product has been designed to provide exclusive support to the quicker conversion of GIF files into PDF files that preserves and consists of entire graphics, text and resolution. The integrated graphics to PDF converting tool facilitates the conversion of GIF type images, faxes, photographs, stills and several snapshots into PDF files without specific technical efficiency.

The GIF to PDF utility is a powerful dedicated conversion program paying attention to switch various GIF images into a single PDF file or common PDF files as quickly as possible. This software is totally well-suited with features in compression of high resolution weighty GIF image into lighter and accurate PDF documents. This application has been developed to switch plain and complex picture files to PDF documents and the entire software has been designed to be compatible for all kinds of platforms of Windows such as Window XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, etc.

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