File Splitter and ReJoiner

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Benefits of File Splitting:

The file splitting acts as a tool for cutting the large size files into smaller portions. User can also rejoin this split file in same order to get original file without any data loss. The file splitting always used to split the files into any size. By using this software, you may carry or store large size file in several small storage media or memory stick. You can also send large files in multiple small parts as individual email and receiver will get original file after remerging those small parts. By converting large file in smaller portions you can able to copy these files on CD, floppy or DVD disks as well as transfer through e-mail. The file splitting tool is useful to break the text files into usable segments or break the files of various gigabytes into alternate segments in order to fit on various diskettes. You can also use this software as security software as well for any file format rather than text file because after splitting individual file segments have no identity whenever all the file segments are rejoined together. Before splitting the files you want to choose the spilt files because the file may be any size and so always select the destination folder for ease.

This File Splitter and Re-Joiner can help to save full chinks within the folder. In splitter merger the software plays a vital role in splitting with the help of this you can rejoin easily or merge together in original format, for merging without degrading the file splitter will improve the quality and so this tool is best for designing, where it also extremely ease for use. The utility of file splitter is high due to that it will enable the big file to split to get the small parts. The file splitter will easily sent as well as stored easily, while the merger allows to join the split parts in common from this you can able to restore the original file. The program of file splitter gives an easy break up for large files where it provides no limits and so the spilt is convenient for different sized files. In order to send the files or copy the file splitter is designed into different techniques for accessing fast speed. This technique helps to attract more users on the interface.

Features of File Splitter and ReJoiner:
  • Requirements of File Splitter: The File Splitter can break every file format based on its size and specify requirements. This file splitter does not require any maximum file for splitting size. The merger feature allows more convenience for remerging the file to get original data.
  • Convenience: The file splitter provide convenience for sending files via mails due to that you can able to break it on any size. The file splitter allows user in order to divide any files based on size segments.
  • Accessibility: This software works with various OS like Win 8, Win7, Win2000, Win XP and Win Vista.

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