Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can I Purchase a Product Licence?

You can easily browse through the products on our website. You will find buy now button under each product. Click on the button to place your order and from there you will be directed to a payment gateway. Make the payment and your purchase is complete.

2. Is it safe to place the order online?

You can rest assured because we secure our payment gateways using SSL encryption. This prevents any kind of leakage and the confidential information you have entrusted with us remains secure and protected. We use Plimus as payment processor for all orders placed.

3. Is this payment one time or recurrent?

The payment you make is one time. You can use the application life long after you have made the payment. You do not have to worry about security issues, as our systems are protected by SSL encryption.

4. How can I get my licence key after placing my order?

The licence key for your product will be sent on the e-mail address you have registered with us. At times, the mail may land up in the Spam folder. So make sure that you have checked both your Inbox and Spam folder for your licence key.

5. What if I do not receive my licence key in the specified time?

Do not worry if you do not receive the licence key in the specified time. You can contact our customer support team who will help you and resolve the issue.

6. Can I register the Trial Version using the licence key I have received?

No you will have to download the full version for continued use. You can use the licence key provided to you to register the full version. You will find a link in the e-mail that contains the licence key that you can use to download the full version of the software.

7. Does my licence expire?

No your licence will never expire. However, you will have to register the same version of the product which was purchased. It is advisable that you save a copy of the purchased software file for future use. This is because we do not keep copies of the software and will not be able to help you in case you need support with an old purchase.

8. What is I am unable to register the product with the licence key provided to me?

While keying in the licence key into the system, ensure that you do not miss out on the dash “-“ that is included in the code given. You can either copy paste the code or manually type the same.

9. What if I can’t download the full version using the licence key provided?

A user is allowed 3 trials and time of 24 hours. You can send in a request using the request form on our website and place a request for reactivation.

10. What is your Refund policy?

We offer refund only in two conditions:
1. If our trial version functions well on your system and the full version fails to deliver.
2. If our customer support team fails to resolve your issue.