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The BMP to PDF converter is a very fast and simple, easy to use PDF utility software or tool that is designed to convert the BMP files of images to the PDF document. This particular software is designed in such a way that each and every single and batch BMF file will be converted to PDF documents within this software. This is one of the best user friendly conversion software that has been developed to convert mainly the BMP files into PDF documents.

The format Bitmap (BMP) will be generally the images or snapshots and these files could be easily converted to PDF documents by using this BMP2PDF software. The users could be able to add the list of BMP files into the software tool and after adding the appropriate files the users will be requested to click the convert button that is provided to be available on the tool. Once the BMP files get added and the single click convert button is clicked, the BMP to PDF converter will automatically and directly starts to convert the appropriate BMP files into a single common or individual PDF documents and files in a very quick way.

Features of BMP to PDF Converter Software:
  • Ability to operate with attractive Graphical User Interface.
  • Supports batch files and single file conversion.
  • Operates and converts automatically in a single click.
  • Allows storing converted files.
  • Compatible with all versions of windows.

Being exclusive standalone software, this BMP to PDF converter does not need any help or any type of interface from the third party software to convert the BMP files into PDF documents. This software has also got some abilities to insert, mingle, merge, sort, concatenate, include, allow and turn multiple BMP images into a single PDF file. This software offers secured application to translate double BMP image files into PDF documents and each and every document that is converted will preserve its specifications and quality.

BMP to PDF tool is created to convert several numbers of images, photos, pictures and several multiple images into single page PDF documents or multipage PDF document. This software is also facilitated to convert all types of BMP format pictures, photos, screenshots, snapshots into the PDF files. This specialized conversion tool is focused to convert numerously highly dense BMP files into PDF documents without any ease. The time precision will be the same for all kinds of smaller and larger sized BMP files and this BMP2PDF software utility is made to be fully compatible with compression of high resolution precise files. The converted PDF document will consists of complete graphics, word and size as same as the BMP file that has got converted. The users could also get several options to choose the size, width, color and other specifications for which the document will be converted with required properties.

The BMP to PDF converter has been designed to work with all versions of Windows and the compatibility will be highly qualified for user convenient graphic user interface with several versions of Windows, such as Windows XP, ME, 2000, 2003, Vista, 7, 8, and for the upcoming upgrades.

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