Introduction about PDF files and its security features

What is PDF file?

PDF stands for portable document format and is an open standard for electronic document exchange. Developed by adobe systems incorporated, PDF files are readable on a PDF reader such as acrobat reader. When documents are converted into PDF file format, they look exactly as they would on print. However, a PDF file will give you extra functionality such as clicking links etc.

Benefits of PDF Files

PDF file format has a lot of benefits for users. These files are multi platform, meaning they can be used on windows, Mac or Linux operating systems. They are easy to sign, and anyone with the correct software can sign them electronically. The files are easily searchable, meaning if you want to find some word or items in the file, you can easily search them up. The files are reliable and will not become corrupted. They are trusted by millions of organizations around the world for their document exchanges and have a powerful presence in organizations, academia and the government. The most important benefit of PDF files is the fact that PDF files keep the integrity of the document intact. This means that your documents would look exactly like they do on print.

PDF Features

PDF files are used to carry an electronic copy of documents as they are. They can be signed electronically as well and they can be used for making eBooks or publications.

PDF Popularity

PDF files have become the most commonly used document file types in the world. With the increasing emphasis on saving paper and using electronic document types, PDF have become the prime choice for people in all walks of life. Whether it is a business report, or an academic essay, or even a fun e book, PDF is the format of choice for everyone.

PDF Password Security

One of the most popular features of PDF is its security restrictions that make it more secure document for sharing with authorized persons. We have a program named ‘PDF Encryption Software’ that apply all protection security on document.

Remove PDF Security

In few cases, user wants to remove password from PDF documents like from bank statement, credit card statement, brochures, policy statement, phone bills, etc. For that scenario, we have an application named “PDF password Remover” to remove only known password from such type of documents.

Split and Merge PDF

As per the features of PDF splitting, merging and deleting of pages can be done under the usage of some external software that are available in the internet. By using these methods splitting can be done into single pages as well as set of pages and it is done by selecting the desired page number to create a new file that ranges in split by range.

And the merge process will be easily merge PDF files and folders into single PDF file. Mainly merging is done through page marks and page range. We have lot of PDF tools for split and merge which provides more efficient access to information and reorganizing them in a way to makes them to represent the pages in correct way.

PDF splitter and merger is the main application to apply split, merge, extract and delete pages from the PDF file. The updated version of PDF splitter and merger is batch and this is to rearrange pdf pages by joining, cutting, appending and removing pages in a batch form. This application also supports processing of password protected and secures documents. By the update version of PDF splitter and merger we can get through removing and deleting of pages. They have many features in this application which provides the meet of utility support to the user. It is a multiprocessing application for all the commands for the pages to be done to meet the requirements of the regular user.

They are many advantages such as it reduces the time in analyzing the large PDF documents by reducing its workflow. The usage of this application and its UI design is so easy that anyone with basic methods can learn it very fast and manages all the pages in the document by splitting them and merging them in to easy way that is understandable to us. While coming to the batch model it access multiple PDF files with simple drag and drop action. Here we can do large no of split and merge files under fast speed at just one click. Our PDF merger and splitter application supports both protected and also non protected PDF documents and the main feature is that this application is supported in all forms of windows operating systems as well as 32bit and 64 bit.